Gifted and Talented

Students Actively Involved in Learning

3rd grade
Math: Awesome Algebra
Students are identifying patterns and determining multiple ways to extend different patterns.
Grammar: Grammar Island
Students can identify any word's part of speech and are learning how important the parts of a sentence can be!  They're even recognizing prepositional phrases!
Reading: Jacob's Ladder
Each week the students read a different text.  We then analyze the text to look for story elements, make inferences, and determine theme.

4th grade
Math: At the Mall with Algebra
Students are creating expressions and equations, and even making a few number "tricks" to share!
Grammar: Grammar Town
Students are identifying parts of speech and sentences.  We talk a great deal about transferring their knowledge of grammatical terms to their editing and revising of their own written pieces.
Reading: City of Ember
Students seem to have really enjoyed our novel study.  It's a wonderful story with complex themes and mystery.