News Show Quiz

Each answer is due by the afternoon of the next day.

Question 1
04/11/2016 due on 04/12/2016

The entire area drained by a river and its tributaries is called a) delta b) watershed c) valley d) floodplain

Winners: Tylil Matthews (Lonigro), Nathan Rudd (Drum), Nehemiah Jennings (McCleary)

Question 2
04/13/2016 due on 04/14/2016

Which state mostly consists of a peninsula? a) South Dakota b) Vermont c) Florida d) California. 

Winners: Keveon Ford (Lonigro), Javari Porter (Collins), Kimora Ward (Jennings)

                                                            Question 3
                                            04/18/2016 due on 04/19/2016

Which of the following processes is responsible for changing liquid water into water vapor? a) photosynthesis b) condensation c) evaporation d) precipitation

Winners: La'Kayla Glover (Ms. Blake), Savannah Singleton (Ms. McCleary), Alexander Nesbitt (Ms. Jennings), Jahnaree Heyward (Ms. Jennings)

                                                             Question 4
                                              04/20/2016 due on 04/21/2016

The word askew means a) brittle b) faded c) crooked d) rigid

Winners: Savannah Singleton (McCleary), Halayna Sumter (Gibbs), Jeremiah Kelly (Gibbs)

Question 5

Select the choice that explains the meaning of the simile as it is used in the sentence.

1.  On the cold winter day, under the covers, I kept as snug as a bug in a rug.

The simile as snug as a bug in a rug:
  There were bugs in my bed.
  I was cozy in my bed.
  I was too cold to stay in bed.

(Retrieved from

Winners: Dynasty Roberts (Lonigro), Malachi Linen (Drum), Olivia Murray (Wine), Jae'Kwon Meggett (Wine)

                                                            Question 6

Read the passage and use context clues to answer.

The last play of the game ended up being the most significant. It helped us win. 


What does "significant" probably mean?

a) fast of quick event

b) minor

c) exciting, fun, and joyous

d) essential or important

(Retrieved from Education Galaxay

Winners: Johnnie Campbell (Drum), Lucero Carbajal (Wine), Isai Yata (Lonigro), Nah Jae Smalls (Wine)

                                                      Question 7
                                           5/2/2016 due on 5/4/2016

What is the best reference book I would look in if I wanted to find a map of the United States?

  1. Thesaurus
  2. Encyclopedia
  3. Dictionary
  4. Atlas

Winners are Pablo Pinales (Drum), Destin Edwards (Blake), Zyon Green (Blake), Kellise Singleton (Blake)

                                                        Question 8
                                            5/9/2016 due on 5/11/2106

At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, the Americans had the advantage of having
a) a strong navy
b) experienced troops
c) motivation for independence or
d) highly paid soldiers

Winners: Malakiah Murray (Drum), Julia McCants (Lonigro), Jalen Heyward (Lonigro), Alone Brown (S. Brown)

Question 9
                                             5/11/2016 due on 5/13/2016

Which weather instrument measures air pressure? 
a) thermometer
b) anemometer
c) rain gauge
d) barometer

Winners: Esmeralda Derramona-Silva (Jennings), Lillian McCants (Lonigro), Katelynn Valentine (McCants) and Syndney Maxwell (Jennings). 

Question 10                                                                                                        5/16/2016 due on 5/18/2016

Decomposers are important in the food chain because they

  1. Produce their own food using light from the Sun.
  2. Stop the flow of energy from one organism to another
  3. Break down dead organisms and recycle nutrients into the soil
  4. Are microscopic and other organisms cannot consume them

Winners: Kimberly Giles (S. Brown), Faith Grampus (S. Brown), Ashlyn Brown (S. Brown), Vanesa Ortiz (McCants)

Question 11

Which type of natural disasters can dry out plants and cause wildfires?

  1. Drought
  2. Earthquake
  3. Flood
  4. Tornado

                                                  Question 12


How many continents do we have on planet Earth?

  1. 3
  2. 5
  3. 7
  4. 8


Gregory (Lonigro), David Gadsden (Drum), London Porter (Jennings), Amauri Dingle (Drum).

                                                          Question 13

What is the state flower of South Carolina?