Katherine Chapman K-1

We are delighted to have your student in our classroom this year.  Our classroom is a supportive and welcoming environment for all learners. Your student will be taught using a variety of strategies so that we may address each child's learning style.  Our goal is for each student to gain independence as a student while functioning as a member of our classroom community. 
Please check our calendar to see upcoming events like Ellington's upcoming "All You Need is Love" Showcase!

February News and Updates
We are off the great start this month! Your kinder kids have been working hard in all subject areas and have made tremendous growth! They have been working hard in readers workshop.  Our readers have been learning to use their "Reading Superpowers!" In math we have been working on comparing objects using weight, length, and height.  We will also be exploring position words.  Don't forget that we have started our sight word list! After your student can read their list with fluency send it back in signed for a prize and another list :) The first two word list are available below.  Don't forget to fill out your child's February reading log! As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions and/or concerns.  katherine_chapman@charelston.k12.sc.us

Word List 1.docx
Word List 2.docx 

Growing Readers!
readers ws 1

readers ws 3

readers ws 2