Apryl Collins 2-1
Ms. Collins' Class 2015-2016




Hello, My name is Apryl Collins and I am a native of Charleston, South Carolina.  I graduated from Tuskegee University.  I have been teaching for 7 years.  I love to have fun with my students in our classroom.  I expect them to have FUN, but understand they are learning at the same time.  I strive for all my students to be successful.

Class 2-1 has the opportunity to use iPads daily as a learning enrichment tool in the classroom.  A lot of the work your child does is completed on their iPads.   After the work is completed, they turn the work into me on Google Classroom.  Many of the programs they use in class can be accessed at home.  Your child has the opportunity to do research, listen to books and even do enrichment activities fir different subject.

We are continuing to work hard to reach our goals.  Please make sure you child is reading nightly.

In math, we are currently working on Three-Digit Subtraction.   Reviewing nightly with your child will benefit them in the long run with math facts.  After subtraction, we will be starting the Measurement Unit.  Let your child have the opportunity to measure items around the house with a ruler or a measuring tape.  Together you and your child can make flashcards to review anywhere you go.

We are currently studying Nonfiction genre of books.  Nonfiction can be hard for students to understand, because they are so use to reading fiction picture books.  Have your child read the book to you and have a discussion about the chapter you all just read.  Go over vocabulary words with them that will help them to understand the meaning of the words.
In reading, we are constantly learning skills/strategies to help them become better readers.  At home, you can help your child by having them review the skills at home with you.  Have your child read with you or to you.  You can echo read with your child, so they will hear how the sentences should be read.  Each child should be reading nightly for 20 minutes and recording the book on their reading log.

Here are some websites that will help your child review skills/strategies they are taught.  The following websites can be used:

Students have a login username and password paper for MobyMax.  Please follow those directions to log onto MobyMax.
Math Playground
Interactive Learning Site for Education
My On


Public Library