BRIDGE: achieving the Vision

The BRIDGE Framework: achieving the VISION

Bridge logoNothing matters more to our students’ academic success than great principals and teachers.

That’s why CCSD is committed to investing time and resources to offer educators the support and growth opportunities they need to accelerate learning for all students. Over the past few years, CCSD has experienced significant progress. We continue to build upon that foundation of success and improvement with our Vision 2016 plan, and are motivated to push ourselves even further for long-term success.

We were fortunate to have been awarded Race to the Top District and Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grants. This funding provides us the opportunity to accelerate our work and deliver on the goals outlined in Vision 2016.

About the Grant

In September 2012, CCSD received a very competitive Teacher Incentive Fund Grant totaling $23.7 million over five years, awarded by the U.S. Department of Education. We were one of 35 chosen, out of a pool of 120 applicants, and we are the only school district in the state to receive this funding.

This grant will help us continue to attract and reward high quality principals and teachers, and enable us to make good on the promise of creating a balanced and fair evaluation and compensation systems. We are incorporating teacher and principal feedback as well as relying upon national experts on this important topic. We want to avoid the missteps that other districts have experienced when constructing plans that alienate good teachers and principals. This all inclusive process requires a great deal of hard work and we welcome the input of our teachers, principals, parents, and community partners.

The goals of the work, include:

  1. Create, disseminate, and adopt a performance‐based compensation system (PBCS) for teachers and principals that includes an evaluation which is based “in significant part” on student achievement outcomes.
  2. Implement and sustain a fair, consistent, and effective PBCS first through bonuses, career ladder options, and recruitment incentives and later through a reorganization of the district‐wide salary structure.

To increase our impact, CCSD is pleased to introduce a new brand and framework related to our TIF work, entitled BRIDGE: achieving the VISION.

Why the change in name?

Bridges connect people, and allow movement from one point to another. CCSD is on a journey to accelerate students’ learning and growth district wide, and the educator effectiveness work, outlined by Vision 2016. The TIF grant is helping us build the BRIDGE to do that, beginning this year and for the future. Using this framework, we will:

  • Pilot efforts in 14 schools beginning this year,
  • Engage stakeholders in all areas of our district to provide feedback that informs our work, and
  • Learn the best practices to adopt district wide in the coming years.

Over the last year, we have been working hard to develop thoughtful plans and engage partners to support us with this work. Introducing the BRIDGE framework provides CCSD with the opportunity to make sure all of our efforts to improve educational effectiveness are connected. This work is being developed and piloted by our educators, for our educators.

Read a letter from Superintendent McGinley introducing the BRIDGE framework.

To learn more about the BRIDGE pilot, opportunities to get involved, and the progress of the work, visit the BRIDGE portal at

Complete grant application (PDF)
This grant application does not reflect any recent changes/amendments approved by and/or requested from the U.S. Department of Education.

News and Updates

November 2013

Editorial by Dr. McGinley - Invest in what’s most important in our schools — teachers

August 2013

CCSD hired the Professional Development (PD) Administrator and PD Coordinators supporting the 14 BRIDGE pilot schools. They’re already working closely with principals and instructional coaches. We will be reaching back out to the volunteers for the work groups (e.g., communications, professional development, educator evaluation, performance-based compensation, etc.) with an updated meeting schedule.

June/July 2013

Our Board approved the hiring of three of our major contractors who are experts in their respective fields.

  • Battelle for Kids was approved to aide CCSD in two components of our TIF program: Implementing the Performance-Based Compensation System and Marketing and Communications Services.
  • School Improvement Network was approved to aide in the implementation of our online professional development system.
  • Mathematica was approved to aide in the implementation of our multidimensional education evaluation framework and educator effectiveness rating system.

To learn more about the BRIDGE pilot, opportunities to get involved, and the progress of the work, visit the BRIDGE portal at