Grandparents Day 2014


    Grandparents bestow upon
    their grandchildren
    The strength and wisdom that time
    And experience have given them.

    Grandchildren bless their Grandparents
    With a youthful vitality and innocence
    That help them stay young at heart forever.

    Together they create a chain of love
    Linking the past with the future.
    The chain may lengthen,
    But it will never part....

    - Author Unknown

    *Grandparent's Day 2014*

    Grandparent's Day 2014 was a HUGE success!  Ellington had over 50 grandparents show up for a day that was set aside just for them.  While they were here, they were able to eat a small continental breakfast with their grandchild(ren).  After breakfast was over, the grandchild(ren) joined their grandparents in the making of a grandparent's day poem activity.  Everyone enjoyed themselves, and can't wait to see what next years grandparent's day is going to bring!

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