Welcome to E.B. Ellington Elementary School 

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!





Hopefully, you have enjoyed your holiday by spending quality time with family and friends. Now that the New Year is upon us, we look forward to beginning our second semester of this academic school year by providing our students with more rigorous and challenging instruction.  For the next couple of months, we will begin to prepare our students for the new State Assessment, ACT Aspire.  All students in grades three through eight will be assessed using this new instrument.  Students will be tested in Writing, English, Math, Science, and Reading.  Unlike the previous assessment, students will be given a 30-60 minutes timed test to answer a minimum of 30 multiple choice and constructed response questions. 

During  this semester, all students  will begin practicing and focusing on new strategies by taking weekly timed tests  as well as  given  instruction on how to effectively use test taking  strategies  to select the best answers.  Please help us to further prepare our students by making certain that they continue to read at least 15 minutes every night and to check for understanding by asking various questions based on what they have read. 

 As a team, your efforts along with the efforts of the school will yield a positive beginning and hopefully a positive outcome.


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